Presentation Slides

  1.  To draw a line using DDA Algorithm
  2.   To draw a line using Bresenham line drawing Algorithm
  3.  To draw a circle using midpoint circle drawing Algorithm
  4.  To draw an ellipse using midpoint circle drawing Algorithm
  5.  To draw a pie chart with levels given the data for various sectors
  6.  To draw a line plot for different given points
  7.  To draw a histogram with levels for the given data values
  8.  Draw a limacon, three leaf, four leaf, cardioid for given parameters and also draw dotted, dashed, dash dotted, solid line in the same graph with different data lines
  9.  Show different lines with Butt Cap and Round Cap and Squared projection cap for given length & width of line
  10.  To draw y=x*x using mid point algorithm
  11.  To draw y = 100 - x*x using mid point algorithm
  12.  To Fill a Polygon using boundary fill algorithm
  13.  Implement integer polygon flood fill algorithm
  14.  Draw bevel join , miter join and Round join for two connecting lines.
  15.  To show the translation , Scaling and rotation in a 2D geometry(Triangle)
  16.  To show the reflection and shearing for a traingle
  17.  To implement anti - aliasing in Bresenham
  18.  Cohen Sutherland algorithm for line clipping
  19.  Liang Barsky algorithm for line clipping
  20.  Sutherland Hodgeman for polygon Clipping
  21.  program for making an electric circuit with the help of various components & their connections
  22.  A Basic Paint Brush system with basic components
  23.  Sphere using Wireframe
  24.  To implement Cardinal Splines
  25.   To implement Bezier curves
  26.  To implement B-Splines
  27.  Scaling ,rotation, translation ,reflection and shearing in Three dimensional space using a cuboid