Technical Papers

Model for Improving Relevant Feature Extraction for Opinion Summarization
Ashwini Rao and Ketan Shah

Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption with Hiding Access Structure
Umesh Chandra Yadav

Performance Enhancement and Area Optimization Of 3×3 NoC Using Random Arbiter
Kendaganna Swamy S, Anand Jatti and B. V. Uma

Platform Level Design for Network on Chips
S. Kendaganna Swamy, N. Anil, Anand Jatti and B. V. Uma

Non-Equilibrium Charge Transport Through Quantum Dot in Magnetic Field
Mahesh Koti and Vinaydatt V. Khoir

Moving Text Line Detection and Extraction in TV Video Frames
M. B. Punith Kumar and P. S. Puttaswamy

Moving Object Classification in a Video Sequence
T. V. S. Naga Jyothi, S. Vasavi and V. Srinivasa Rao

Entity Resolution for High Velocity Streams Using Semantic Measures
P. Anu Priya, S. Prabhakar and S. Vasavi

A Novel Multi-cast Routing Protocol for VANET
Anshu Joshi and Ranjeet Kaur

Isolation of Sybil Attack in VANET using Neighboring Information
Mandeep Kaur Saggi and Ranjeet Kaur

A Heuristic Method for Redundancy — Optimization of Complex Network Under SAT Measure
Pooja Narwat and G. L. Pahuja

Detection of Red Lesions in Diabetic Retinopathy Affected Fundus Images
Vijay M. Mane, Ramish B. Kawadiwale and D. V. Jadhav

Ensuring an Early Recognition and Avoidance of the Vampire Attacks in WSN using Routing Loops
Lina R. Deshmukh and A. D. Potgantwar

Multidimensional Feature Space for an Effective Content Based Medical Image Retrieval
B. Jyothi, Y. MadhaveeLatha and P. G. Krishna Mohan

Optimized Over-Current Relay Coordination Using Flower Pollination Algorithm
Indrajit N. Trivedi, Snehal V. Purani and Pradeep K. Jangir

OFDMA Scheduling with Code Aware Relay Network in Link Selection
Manjiri Patil and Srinu Dharavath

On the Hybrid Augmentation of Inter-vehicular Communication Assisted Localization Using Previous Path Detection
Shital Suryawanshi, Deepak Gupta, Shyam Gupta and Sanjay Jain

State-based Probabilistic Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks
R. L. Ujjwal and K. Usha Bhargavi

Analysis of Percentage of Wrong Classification (PWC) and Precision for Different Categories of Videos on GPU
Chethan Sharma

Soft Handoff and Interference Management in Femtocell Network
B. S. Swathi and B. P. Nanda

Cloud Based Multiple Vehicle Tracking and Locking System
V. Nalina, A. S. Sandesh, Royal Denzil Sequiera and P. Jayarekha

Segmenting of Object in Postprocessing stage in Underwater Video Sequences Under Dynamic Condition
R. Hemavathy, G. N. Rashmi, Pooja Ashok Varambally and G. Shobha

Design of a Smart Pressure Signal Based Biometric System for Aircraft Cockpit Security
R. Eswaran, Rajatha and Viswanath Talasila

Bi-modal Image Segmentation by Active Shape Model
Prashant A. Athavale and P. S. Puttaswamy

Authentication Technique to Reduce Call Setup Delay Incurred Due to Authentication in Mobiles
R. Srividya and B. Ramesh

Experimental Set up for Generating Database for Recognition of Aircraft Images
K. Roopa and T. V. Rama Murthy

Towards Automatic Parallelization of “for” Loops
Amit G. Bhat, Meghana N. Babu and M. R. Anala