Table of Contents

121Aspects of Knowledge Management and Impact of Decision Support System of E-governance Model in Professional Education
Gaurav Jindal and Jaikishore Tyagi
127Method for Estimation of Attainment of Program Outcome Through Course Outcome for Outcome Based Education
Shivakumar Ramchandra, Samita Maitra and K. MallikarjunaBabu
135Exploring the Link Between Initial and Final Diagnosis in a Medical Intelligent Tutoring System
Tenzin Doleck, Ram B. Basnet, Eric Poitras and Susanne Lajoie
142An Art of Teaching in Teaching-Learning Process: An Important Part for Educational Accreditation, Quality and Assessment
Sudhanshu Suhas Gonge and Ashok A. Ghatol
148Assessment of Engineering Programs - Indian Context in Global Outcome Based Education Paradigm
Paulclee Polimetla, Ch. Sailu and Ravichand Kancharla
153Innovative Methodology for the Assessment of Programme Outcomes
Vinay Kumar Chandna
156BioWorldParser: A Suite of Parsers for Leveraging Educational Data Mining Techniques
Tenzin Doleck, Ram B. Basnet, Eric Poitras and Susanne Lajoie
158Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in Education ‐ A Case Study in Indian Context and Vision to Ubiquitous Learning
Parag Chatterjee and Asoke Nath
160Speedup Thin Clients with Overclocking Method for Resource Intensive Tasks
Win Win Aung
166Adaptive, Cognitive and Innovative Tools & Techniques for Improving Learning Performance: A Case Study
Vijay N. Gohokar and Mangal H. Dhend
174Laboratory Model to Teach Power System Stability
S. Balamurugan, T. N. P. Nambiar, N. Janarthanan and K. R. M. Vijaya Chandrakala
175Implementation Framework for Cloud Based Education-as-a-Service
Ayush Gaur and Manoj Manuja
177New Media Technology Acceptance by Students of Undergraduate Language and Communication Courses
Chasul and Virendra Singh Nirban
178Analyzing Learner Engagement to Enhance the Teaching-Learning Experience
Chokanath Hymavathy and Viola R. Krishnamani and C. P. Sumathi
180Open Loop Volt/Hertz Control of I.M. Using MATLAB/Simulink and Its Hardware Realization
Anish Tiwari, Bhoopendra Singh, Toshi Sharma and Jaydeep Srikakolapu
181Simulation of Fly Back Converter for Continuous and Discontinuous Mode of Operation
Irfan Khan, Bhoopendra Singh, Toshi Sharma and Jayadeep Srikakolapu
183An Evaluation of Teaching Theoretical Graduate Engineering Courses Adapting Different Techniques
A. Keshav Bharadwaj
185Introduction to Various Controlling Techniques for Inverters as a Part of Undergraduate Course in Power Electronics
Rahul Kumar Patel, Seema Saxena, Bhoopendra Singh, Toshi Sharma and Jayadeep Srikakolapu
186An Open Source Graphical Robot Programming Environment in Introductory Programming Curriculum for Undergraduates
Rahul R, Ashwin Whitchurch and Madhav Rao
187On the Impact of MOOCs on Engineering Education
Sajid Iqbal, Xizhe Zang, Yanhe Zhu, Yan Yan Chen and Jie Zhao
188Engineering Fuels Innovation: The Motto for Upgrading the Biological Engineering Degree
Ricardo L. Armentano, Gabriela Olivera and Juan Cardelino
189Learning Management System Acceptance Behaviour of Students in Higher Education
Virendra Singh Nirban and Chasul
190Online Tools in Elearning in the Context of Developing Countries
Shikha Raturi
191Educational Data Classification using Selective Naive Bayes for Quota Categorization
Abhilasha Dangi and Sumit Srivastava
192Gait Analysis for Identification by Using BPNN with LDA and MDA Techniques
Ira Gaba and Satinder Pal Ahuja
193Project Based Learning for a Course on Advanced Microcontroller: Experiment and Results
Harish V. Mekali and Pratiksha Patil
194A 3-Level Model for Implementing MOOC in India
Aman Sharma and Rinkle Rani
196Quality Analytics for Evaluation of Dynamic Web Based Learning Environment
Rohini and Indu Chhabra
197Virtual Experimentation for Enhancing Conceptual Understanding and Innovation in Electrical Engineering
Umesh C. Rathore, Sachin Singh and Sanjeev Singh
203Case Studies of Special Counselling Policies
Roshani Singhal, Akshay Kumar Mittal and Shivraj Sharma
204Teaching Philosophy and New Techniques Used For Effective Teaching and Learning Process
Nitin Goel, Anil Pratap Singh and Shivraj Sharma
207Role of Accreditation in Engineering Education
Narendra Kohli
210Finding Peculiar Students from Student Database Using Outlier Analysis: Data Mining Approach
D. Lakshmi Sreenivasa Reddy, B. Raveendrababu, Vijaya Bhaskar Velpula, S. Sailaja and K. Bindhu Madhavi
211Simulation of a Cascade Connected H–Bridge Five Level Inverter
Lakhan Kumar Gupta, K. T. Chaturvedi, Bhoopendra Singh, Toshi Sharma and Jayadeep Srikakolapu
212Structural Implications of the Graph Theory Representation in Epicyclic Gear Trains
V. R. Shanmukhasundaram, Y. V. D. Rao, S. P. Regalla and Ashish Garg
213Biomechanics and Mechanobiology, a proposal for an iberoamerican MOOC platform
Ricardo L. Armentano
216Introducing Communication Skills as an Assessment Tool in a Course
B. Kanmani and K. Mallikharjuna Babu
218Mobile Augmented Reality Application for Telugu Language Learning
Prema Meda, M. Kumar and Ramu Parupalli
221A Game Theoretic Approach to a Self Managing MOOC Based Distributed System
Nimisha Sharath, Shivani Snehal Parikh and K. Chandrasekaran
222Learning Project Management through Case Study Project Work as Case Study
T. Anushalalitha
224A Framework for Interactive Endeavor to Enhance Learning (iEEL)
V. Akshay Vyas, M. Ajay Kumar and J. Dhayanithi
226Automated Checking of the Violation of Precedence of Conditions in else-if Constructs in Students’ Programs
K. K. Sharma, Kunal Banerjee, Indra Vikas and Chittaranjan Mandal
227Impact of Classification of Lab Assignments and Problem Solving Approach in Object Oriented Programming Lab Course: A Case Study
K. M. M. Rajashekharaiah, Mahesh S. Patil and G. H. Joshi
231Bridging The Gap Between ABET Outcomes and Industry Expectations - A Case Study on Software Engineering Course
Saradhi Seshagiri and LNS Prakash Goteti
233Development, Use and Impact of E-learning Based Modules for Teaching Electronics To Undergraduate Girl Students: A Case Study
Amita Kapoor, Sneha Kabra and Himani Dua
234IEEE Student Quality Improvement Program: To Improve the Employability Rate of Students
Shahul Hameed and G. S. Nileena
235Defining Course Outcomes for Digital Switching Systems: An Example
K. P. Pushpavathi
237Outcome-Based Teaching: Microwave and Radar
M. Vasantha Lakshmi
238MOOCs for Medical Education: An Indian Perspective
Saurav Gupta and D. K. Jain
239Systems and Institutions to Build Skilled and Digital India - Reinventing the Functioning of Industrial Training Institutes
K. P. Lakshmi and Vinay Keshava Murthy
243Multilingual Acquiring Of E-Content Definition Based on Universal Networking Language
K. Sathiyamurthy, Dj. Panimalar and S. Lakshmana Pandian
245Implementing Outcome Based Education for Microcontrollers
Rajeshwari Hegde
247Teaching Methodology for Attainment of Graduate Attributes
Chetan A. Nayak, H. S. Usha, CT Puttaswamy and Samita Maitra
251Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) in Higher Education – Unleashing the Potential in India
Parag Chatterjee and Asoke Nath
252Outcome Based Approach for Teaching Analog Electronic Circuits for undergraduate Students
P. S. Gowra
253Programme Outcomes Assessment by Direct Method
P. Jayarekha and M. Dakshayini
255Teaching Wireless Communications - Active Learning
M. N. Suma
257Does MOOC Really Work Effectively
Di Chen, Yunping Feng, Zihao Zhao, Jianwei Jiang and Jianbo Yu
262A Structured Approach for Learner Centric Digital Elearning - Vishnu Massive Online Open Courses: A Cloud Based eLearning Portal
Niladri Sekhar Dey and K. Dasaradha Ramaiah
263Reinforcement Learning Approach Towards Effective Content Recommendation in MOOC Environments
V. R. Raghuveer, B. K. Tripathy, Taranveer Singh and Sarthak Kanna
264Gamification of MOOCs for Increasing user Engagement
Anant Vaibhav and Pooja Gupta
268Sage on Stage to Guide on Side: A Modern Perspective
Gitika Sharma, Diksha and Rasmeet Singh Bali
270Context-Aware Authoring and Presentation from Open E-Learning Repository
Ganesh Venkataraman, Chellam Srinivasan, Arunkumar Ravichandran, Susan Elias and Lakshimi Prabha Ramesh
271DC-Model for Quality Improvement in Technical Education
Ankit Kulkarni, Ajeet Khan, Nitesh Mishra, Sunny Raikwar and Shaligram Prajapat
273Improving the Quality of Engineering Education in India
A Research on ICT Based Education System in RGUKT

A. Ram Bhupal Reddy and Meda Vinay Kumar
274MOOCS : The Paradigm-shift in Indian Education
Prashast Kumar Singh, Ishan Gandhi and Pradyumn Nand
276Decision Making System to Select Suitable Courses Based on Learner's Learning Styles Using Outlier Analysis and Classification
D. Lakshmi Sreenivasa Reddy, B. Raveendrababu, Vijaya Bhaskar Velpula, P. Isaac Paul and K. Bindhu Madhavi
277Gender Difference in Adolescent Well-Being and Students’ Adaptation
Dipti Parida
278Learner’s Perspective on Video-viewing Features Offered by MOOC Providers: Coursera and edX
Nehal Mamgain, Arjun Sharma and Puneet Goyal
281PPS – Placement Prediction System using Logistic Regression
Ajay Shiv Sharma, Swaraj Prince, Shubham Kapoor and Keshav Kumar
2829E Model and e-Learning Methodologies for the Optimisation of Teaching and Learning
Prabhdeep Kaur and Anjali Gakhar
285A Transformative Approach to Capstone Projects in Engineering
Kishan Malur, Alumnus, P. Meena and Ravishankar Deekshit
287Use of Randomized Algorithms for Enhancing Learning Ability in Algorithms Course
Puneet Goyal, Monika Dwivedi and Mohd Awais
288Positive Impact of Plagiarism Awareness Seminars: A Case Study
Puneet Goyal, Manpreet Kaur and Ashutosh Pandey
289MOOCs - Changing the Way of Education
Salil Vaidya and Amey Paranjape
290Enhancing Education for IT Literacy Using Spoken Tutorials
Gurneet Singh Kohli, Atirek Dandriyal and Puneet Goyal
291Online Courseware for Electronics Laboratory Courses: An Example
B. Kanmani, B. Shreenivas and Mukesh Soni
293Agile Learning Model - Self Centric Learning
Anita and Naresh Chauhan
296CSLA – An application using Android Capstone Project
Ajay Shiv Sharma, Manpreet Singh Malhi, Manmeet Singh and Ramandeep Singh
298Multistage Learning Model for Better Learning: A Cognitive Science Perspective
Shivani Goel and Deepak Garg