Table of Contents

709   Cloud Servers vs. Dedicated Servers – A Survey
Faiz Abidi and Vishakha Singh

715   Outcome Based Education Performance Evaluation of Capstone Project Using Assessment Rubrics and Matrix
M. Vijayalakshmi, Padmashree D. Desai and G. H. Joshi

718   Digital Platform for an Effective Learning
K. Sudheer Reddy, Sarma KVRS, Anoop Singh, C. Srinagesh and Bhupesh Deka

719   RFID: An Appraisal of Malevolent Attacks on RFID Security System and its Resurgence
M. Thurai Pandian and R. Sukumar

720   Teaching Computer System Design and Architecture Course - An Experience
Aruna S. Nayak and M. Vijayalakshmi

728   Replication in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network Using Hopfield Network
Tanu Chawla and Mukesh Kumar

730   Design and Analysis of Compress-Encrypt-Stego Technique for Steganography
Jyoti Gaba and Mukesh Kumar

731   Innovative Improvements in Electronic Engineering Laboratory Education Using Electronic Mini Lab (EML): A Case Study
Vikas J. Dongre, Ramkrishna V. Yenkar and Vijay H. Mankar

738   An Improvement of DBSCAN Algorithm to Analyze Cluster for Large Datasets
Chetan Dharni and Meenakshi Bnasal

741   Active Learning Methods for Teaching OOAD Course
Suvarna G. Kanakaraddi, Jayalaxmi G. Naragund and Ashok K. Chikaraddi

748   Online Newspaper Transcoding for Handheld Devices Proposal for Dyslexic People
Srivastava Sumit, Devanshi Gupta and Deepankar Mitra

754   Educationally Effective Teaching of Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Jayalakshmi G. Naragund and Vidya S. Handur

757   An Approach to Develop a Model that Reduces the Gap Between the English Language and the Bangla-Speaking People
Partha Shankar Nayak and Shrikant Sharma

762   DDQ Framework for Courseware Design and Development
Archana S. Rao and Manoj Manuja

766   Partnering for Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)
Neeraj Bhatia

769   Multimedia, Animation, and Computer Graphics – Mapping of Study of Virtual Characters to Cognitive Understanding
Suma Dawn

771   Pitch Detection in Time, Frequency and Cepstral Domain for Articulatory Handicapped People
Smt. Sanjivani S. Bhabad, G. K. Kharate and Smita C. Shinde

773   A Group Expert Evaluation for Teachers by Integrating Fuzzy AHP and TOPSIS Models
Sirigiri Pavani, Lokesh Kumar Sharma and H. S. Hota

774   Polytechnic University – A Revolutionary Concept
S. M. Parashar and Rajat Pardal

775   Strategies for ‘Smart’ Power Engineers
G. S. Grewal, K. Steela and B. S. Rajpurohit

776   Education Technology Used for Improving Learning Skills of Computer Science and Engineering Students
Sudhanshu Suhas Gonge and Ashok A. Ghatol

777   Hybrid Data Mining Approach for Intrusion Detection Using Modified AODV Algorithm
Maheshwari Shashikant and Sumit Shrivastava

786   Use of ICT in Learning ‘Theory of Computation’ - An Experimental Study
Lakshmi and Rajeev Sukumaran

787   Captivate Short Answer Evaluator
Vijay Srivastava and Chandranath Bhattacharyya

788   Organization Wide Blended Learning is Not Only for Small Organizations
Divya Amarnath, Simren Mehn, Veena Sethuraman and Vineeta Mishra

793   A Study of Lab Satisfaction of MCA and MSc. (IT) Students of Department Computer Science of Saurashtra University, Rajkot
Atul M. Gonsai, Anil Ambasana, Bhargavi H. Goswami, Manasi A. Antani and Vidhdhi J. Rughani

799   Link Between Self-Directed Learning Readiness and Academic Performance of Medical Students
Asha Vashe, Vasudha Devi, Raghavendra Rao, Reem Rachel Abraham and Vinod Pallath

804   Single Document Text Summarization by Knowledge - Corpus
Durga Bhavani Dasari and K. Venu gopala Rao

805   The Various Facets of MOOC
B. S. Balaji and A. Chandra Sekhar

808   Recalibrating Instruction at the Community College Through MOOCs
Carline Romain

809   Laboratory Course on Solar Photovoltaic Systems Based on Low Cost Equipment
P. Srinivasa Rao, P. Dinesh, G. Saravana Ilango and Chilakapati Nagamani

811   Learning Styles Vs Suitable Courses
D. Lakshmi Sreenivasa Reddy, M. Rao Batchanaboyina, D. V. V. S. Phanikumar and B. Ravindrababu

812   Design of Broadband Microstrip Antenna Using Parasitic Patches with Band-Notch Characteristic for Wireless Communication
Mukesh Kumar Arora, Raginee Agarwal and Kanad Ray

813   Diversified Courseware Technology: A New Hope to Enhance the Educational Achievement of Students with and without Special Needs in the Inclusive Classroom
Pankaj Singh, Rakhi Garg and P. K. Mishra

814   Psychology Missing from Elementary Education! - A Psychologically Striking Epiphany!
Saurabh Shelgaonkar and Ravindra Bhonsule

821   Computational Model for Affective E-Learning: Developing a Model for Recognising E-Learner’s Emotions
T. C. Sandanayake and A. P. Madurapperuma

824   The Framework of Learning Media Development for the Children with Special Need
Tri Sagirani, Ridi Ferdiana and Amitya Kumara

825   An Analysis to Find Effective Teaching Methodology in Engineering Education
DeepakMoud, ShrutiBijawat, SandeepTuli, Manish Bhardwaj and Sneha Sharma

826   Evaluating Research Students’ Satisfaction Based on Supervisors’ Characteristics: A Fuzzy Approach
Shilpi Gupta and Jaya Sharma

827   Temperature Stabilized CMOS Ring Oscillator
Ajay Kumar Mahato and Anu Samanta

829   A Pragmatic Approach to Develop Computational Thinking Skills in Novices in Computing Education
Mintu Philip, V. G. Renumol and R. Gopeekrishnan

830   Enhanced Learning of Circuit Theory Using Cooperative and Collaborative Methods
Azhar Rauf

832   A Conceptual Framework for E-learning
Aman Rai, Arun Yadav, Divakar Yadav and Rajesh Prasad

833    Analysis of Timing Constraint on Combined SVM-HMM Classifier and SVM Classifier
Ashish Kumar Kumawat and Sarika Khandelwal

836   First Undergraduate Research Experience: Pulse Oximeter Design
Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Sarath Sivaprasad, M. Anoop, Ajay Prabhu, Karthik Sreekanthan and Abilash Baburaj

837   Automatic Objective Answer-Sheet Evaluation
A OCR Based Approach

Mahesh Jangid and Sumit Srivastava

838   Discovery of the Educational Cloud Services
Zarina Jamadar and Abhijit Patankar

839   Developing a Process of Making an Efficient Engineer
Sangeeta Pant and Preety Chawla

844   Web Laboratory in Instrumentation Engineering for Distance Education Using Lab VIEW
S. Chatterji, S. L. Shimi, Amit Kumar Singh and Anshul Gaur

846   Educating Users for Disaster Management: An Exploratory Study on Using Immersive Training for Disaster Management
Indika Perera, Dulani Meedeniya, Indushree Banerjee and Joydeep Choudhury

847   Green ICT Implementation at Educational Institution : A Step Towards Sustainable Future
Kavita Suryawanshi and Sameer Narkhede

848   Leveraging Technology to Build Collaborative Learning Environment in Academic Institutes
Himdweep Khurana and Ajay Rana

851   An Experiment on Enhanced Learning through Field Exercise
Nalini C. Iyer and M. Kaushik

853   Categorized Laboratory Experiments: Enquiry Based Approach - A Case Study
M. S. Meena, Anand S. Meti and M. D. Praveen

854   On Issues and Effects of Education Using Qualification Exam Measures in Practical Training Programs for IT Engineers
Kenji Fukuoka and Kazuhiro Ohtsuki

855   Teaching Programming Course Elective: A New Teaching and Learning Experience
Moula Husain, Neha Tarannum and Nirmala Patil

856   A Comprehensive Faculty Development Program - Three Tier Comprehensive Training Approach for Holistic Development of Faculty Members of Engineering Colleges to Meet The Challenges of Future Engineering Education
M. Shankaranarayana Bhat, V. Asha and Vinod V. Thomas

857   Innovation and Technology in Engineering Education System Based on Android
Devesh Kumar Srivastava and Rishi Mathur

859   Spoken Tutorial Project - IIT Bombay: Building IT Literate India
Madhukriti Srivastava and Sharda Sharma

860   Kinect Based Gesture Controlled Robotic Arm: A Research Work at HuT Labs
Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Nihil Saboo, Nitin Ajithkumar, Sreeram Unny and Deepansh Menon

861   Improving Retrieval Performance of English-Hindi Based Cross-Language Information Retrieval
Saurabh Varshney and Jyoti Bajpai

863   Enterprise Resource Planning in Technical Educational Institutions: Benefits and Cost
Shivani Goel, Ravi Kiran and Deepak Garg

864   eLog — Teaching and Data Management System - Seemless Data Capture and Analysis of Education Data
C. Imthyaz Sheriff and Angelina Geetha

865   Mining of Data Stream Using “DDenStream” Clustering Algorithm
Manoj Kumar and Ashish Sharma

869   Imparting Technical Skills Through Outcome Based Curriculum and Case Study Assessments
Ushakiran Ch and L. N. S. Prakash Goteti

871   Performance of Students Across Assessment Methods and Courses Using Correlation Analysis
Aruna Malapati and N. L. Bhanu Murthy

875   A New Hybrid Cryptosystem for Binding Update in NEMO
R. Vikram Raju, Kumkum Garg, Anil Kumar Dahiya and Shashikant Maheshwari

878   Assessing Soft and Higher Order Thinking Skills Among Students Using a Rubric and Progressive Reflection
L. N. S. Prakash Goteti and G. V. Madhuri

879   Educating and Creating Social Awareness for Sensitive Topics Using Mobile Applications
Muaaz Salagar, Pranav Kulkarni and Saurabh Gondane

882   Challenges to Under Graduate Students in Deregulated Technical Education
Prabhakar Tiwari, S. N. Singh and Omveer Singh

883   Test Effort Estimation in Regression Testing
Abhilasha and Ashish Sharma

884   Information Portal System for a Digital Campus Based on Information Architecture
Anubha Jain and Swati V. Chande

885   Innovation Models in Education
Payal Rahul Dande, A. Ashutosh, N. Ajgaonkar, B. Parkhi, D. Tyagi, C. Tanay and D. Parekh

886   Indian Higher Education: A Students’ Perspective
Ramanan Sivasubramanian, R. Sridharan and S. Siddhartha Saravanan

888   Effectiveness of Moodle Application on Technical Tertiary Education in Sri Lanka
Gayithri Kuruppu and R. U. Halwatura

889   Impact of Online Education - A Study on Online Learning Platforms and edX
Sai Kiran Ch and Sushmitha Popuri

891   Experiences in Porting TCP Application Over UDT and their Performance Analysis
Tatikayala Sai Gopal, Neha Gupta, Rahul Jain, Srinivasa Reddy Kamatham and P. Reddy Lakshmi Eswari

892   Outcome Based Learning: A Case Study
Shaila Subbaraman, Rupali R. Jagtap and Sunita S. Shinde

896   The Effects of Culture on Foreign Language Learning Beliefs
Jiang Wengan and Zheng Yaya

897   Using Moodle - An Open Source Leaning Management System in Australian Mining Engineering Education
S. Saydam, W. Timms, S. Raval and C. Daly

898   Detection and Mitigation of Node Replication with Pulse Delay Attacks in Wireless Sensor Network
Sachin Umrao, Deeksha Verma and Arun Kumar Tripathi

899   Assembling Pieces of the MOOCs Jigsaw Puzzle
Kalaimagal Sivamuni and Sujoy Bhattacharya

900   Laboratory Implementation of Some Analog and Digital Modulation Schemes Using Single Circuit
B. Kanmani

901   Digital Communication Using Labview
B. Kanmani

906   The Impact of Linux (Free Open Source Software) in Spoken-Tutorial a Part of “MOOC”
Amitesh Kumar, Kanika Phutela, Neha Srivastava and Sumitra Singar

907   Effect of Educational Reforms and New Policies on School Education
K. S. Vipin Kumar, V. K. Pramod, K. C. Paul and N. Manoj

912   Framework for Cognitive Agent Based Expert System for Metacognitive and Collaborative E-Learning
Neha Gulati

915   A Proposal for an Internationally Collaborative STEM Education Program for High School Students in the Developed and Developing World - Exisiting State of Affairs and Facts
Charles Johnson-Bey, Deborah Girma, Ekemini Udofa and Valerie Toney Parker

916   Improving Performance Level of Students by Implementing Self Help Groups in Engineering Education
Pooja Sharma, Swati Mathur and Puneet Mathur

753   Industry Academia Collaboration: How Effective?
Neeraj Garg, Manisha and Manoj Manuja

756   Private University Establishment in Maharashtra - A Solution to Avoid Failure of Private University and Phd Program
Swapnakumari Patil and Sunil Navale